Some miscellaneous fonts are available for downloading (free of charge) from this page. These are Opentype fonts.



Clara is a type family created specially for printing A Dictionary of Editing (2015). The family includes italic, bold, bold italic, and small capitals, while the character set includes Greek, Cyrillic, ogham, phonetic and mathe­matical ranges, scribal abbrevi­ations, and other specialist characters. The fonts also include some Open­type layout features (such as ligature substi­tution, small capitals, and old-style numerals), as well as some variant forms for particular languages.



Florea is the name I have given to a font containing a redrawing of two traditional typographic borders from the sixteenth century. It also contains a number of additional decorations. The units can be combined in various ways, as you can see in the samples above.


Gadelica is a cló Gaelach (Irish type) based on the first authentic examples from the seventeenth century.


Germanica is a blackletter (textura quadrata) type based mainly on one used by two of the first German printers, Fust and Schöffer, in 1457.


Valida is a font for creating ISBN bar-codes. It is used in conjunction with a calculator in the form of a Libre Office spreadsheet, which does the calculations and generates a bar-code image. The download includes an Opentype font, the spreadsheet, and detailed notes.